Whatever Happened To Vietnam War?

There are millions of Americans who retain vivid memories of the war in Vietnam. Protest marches on Washington D.C., hippies dancing and singing protest songs and spitting upon American soldiers returning from the horror then known as the Vietnam War. We were told by our government that Communist China was behind the Viet Cong rebels of North Vietnam. We were told that once China gains victory in Vietnam, their troops would sweep over southeast Asia and democracy would be defeated by the forces of Communism. That was then, today is now. Today, American is engaged in economic developments in Vietnam, we even conduct joint military exercises with the Vietnamese. Of course, the Republic of Vietnam is currently engaged in a violent conflict with Communist China over who controls the South China Sea– particularly its fish and potential oil resources.\

During the past few weeks Vietnamese ships have been involved in conflicts with Chinese ships and now the prospect of a $1 billion oil rig has inflamed the people of Vietnam. Yesterday, thousands of Vietnamese attacked an industrial park which has numerous foreign factories. They looted and torched ten factories which they thought were owned by Communist Chinese industrialists. It turns out the factories were owned by Taiwanese industrialists. The Communist Vietnam government is now drawing close to the capitalist American and Australian governments in order to thwart economic goals of the Chinese Communist government. I trust this now clears up the prediction that once Americans left Vietnam, the area would be taken over by Communists!!