What’s Behind Bombing Of India Embassy?

Many observers are raising questions regarding the bombing of India’s embassy in Kabul a few days ago and wondering if the event is somehow connected to the ongoing dispute between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir issue. Pakistan military Intelligence was the original sponsor of the Taliban and regards Afghanistan as its own special interest case. Afghanistan officials have made veiled references to this dispute as somehow being linked to the bombing. In Germany, the Suddeutsche Zeitung made an open reference to this possibility: “The murder is senseless but the target was carefully chosen with forethought. India isn’t just a major friend of the Afghanistan government of President Karzai, and India isn’t only a generous sponsor of the country’s reconstruction. Above all, India is the arch enemy of Pakistan in the dispute over Kashmir. The attack is a particularly bad omen for Afghanistan.”

Perhaps, Afghanistan is witnessing the birth of a new element into its already confusing recent history. It could become a hidden battleground between Pakistan and India in the ever present conflict between those nations.