What’s Going On In Thailand?

Those in Thailand who entered Bangkok several weeks ago in order to protest what they termed to be invalid elections, are now under assault of the armed forces. They have been camped out in Bangkok and have transformed a vibrant tourist city into a ghost town in which soldiers fire at people who have built barriers in the streets. At least 42 have been killed during the past week and over 300 wounded as soldiers attempt to crush what the government terms a threat to peace in the country. Many questions remain unanswered. How could a group of poor people, desert their farms or jobs for a month in order to express their anger? Since when do poor people have the economic means to protest for a month without any income?

The armed forces are protecting the political/economic elite, but protestors are merely pawns being used by former billionaire prime minister Thaksin in order to regain power. He is pouring millions into the Red Shirt movement for his own political purposes and doesn’t give a damn if the innocent die as long as he gets power. Thaksin wants chaos in order to pose as the knight in shining armor who will appear and restore peace.