What’s Going On In Zimbabwe?

Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, who undoubtedly won the election for president of Zimbabwe is in South Africa seeking to persuade President Mibeki to assist in the effort to support the people of Zimbabwe in their right to a free election. Mbeki claims his “quiet diplomacy” approach helps ensure honesty in the Zimbabwean election and believes President Mugabe will not alter election results. Mbeki on Saturday said the situation was “manageable” and the world should await final election results before reaching any conclusions.

Over a week has gone by and still the Zimbabwe Elections Commission refuses to release actual numbers pertaining to the presidential election. There are reports the Election Commission is under 24-hour guard by the goveernment which fears they might leak the figures to the public. The Movement for Democratic Change insists Mugabe is stalling for time in order to doctor results that most probably indicate Tsvangirai obtained more than 50% of the vote which would preclude a run-off.

Liberety Mupakati a former intelligence operative with the CIO, claims the ZEC is literally under house arrest. “I find it inconceivable that the newly constituted Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is coming up with flimy excuses to justify their utter failure to announce the victor in the presidential election.. I can testify that late on Satuday(March 30) I was informed by one of these officials that Mugabe had been beaten by Tsvangirai by 57.8 percent of the polls to 39.9 percent. Armed with these results, Chiwenga, Chihuri, Bonyongwe, Shiri, and Paradzai Zimondi of prisons,(all important leaders of the Mugabe government) then approached Mugabe at State House. Mugabe, in a state of shock, sent them b ack to Ciweshe to ask him to reverse the result. Chiweshe told them he was bound by his professional ethics as a lawyer and could not reverse the election result.”

What exactly is President Mibeki of South Africa in doubt about?