What’s Happening In The Middle East?

Although most discussions regarding the Middle East center around the ongoing Israel-Palestinian conflict, there is also considerable conflict among Arab nations. On one hand, most Sunni Middle Eastern nations are worried about the danger of Shiite Iran gaining power in the region, Syria continues to forge close relationships with that nation. Saudi Arabia King Abdulah is due to make his first visit to Syria in order to shift hat nation to a more anti-Iran stance. Saudi Arabia for years has been concerned over Syrian attempts to control the Sunni dominated nation of Lebanon where it all to often cooperates with Shiite forces such as Hezbollah.

In the meantime, Syrian officials postponed a visit by Palestinian leader Abbas who has come under fierce attack because he refused to fight to have the Goldstone report brought to the attention of the Un and urge the condemnation of Israel. At times, one needs a score card to figure out who is on whose side and how this all sorts out to bring peace to the Middle East.

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