What’s Happening To Hamas?

The history of humanity is replete with examples of radical revolutionary groups which seize power and are confronted with the need to have roads built or deal with crime or find ways to feed the population. The end result of dealing with the ordinary functions of government is the slow moderation of radicals. Shouting is wonderful in a crowd, but it doesn’tk feed the people. Hamas is currently confronted with the need to help organize and rebuild a devastated Gaza strip. It also realizes it cannot endure more Israel attacks and must find ways to avoid violence until the situation in Gaza becomes more endurable for the population. However, as Hamas attempts to face daily problems and has less time for slogans, it is being accused by violent Islamic groups of selling out to Israel.

A new group named Jaljalet has been firing Qassam rockets and has fought several battles with Israel forces. Hamas has been urging this group to avoid combat which naturally has led to Jaljalet claiming Hamas has lost its revolutionary fervor. This, in turn, has led Hamas to become more religious and more conslervative to the point of emphaizing Sharia law in the Strip.

Ah, for the days when Hamas could behave irrationally and get away with it!