What’s Wrong With Democrats?

Democrats have large majorities in the House and Senate but continue behaving like a minority party. The latest episode was the ridiculous performance of Senator Bunning of Kentucky who refused to allow a vote on needed extension of unemployment. OK, so there is a silly rule that allows one Senator to block the other 99. In 1933, as Franklin Roosevelt assumed the presidency, the key word was “experiment” and try new ideas. No one would have allowed a single senator to block New Deal legislation. If Republicans wish to filibuster, let them go right ahead and explain to the American public why they are blocking needed assistance to those without jobs. Just for once can the Democratic Party stand up and tell Republicans a forty vote block can not block needed legislation?

I await the arrival of a Democratic Party which challenges the opposition and that includes Democratic senators who use their vote to get things for their states. Just for once, can Democrats in Congress show some guts and cease selling out to Republican threats and monied lobbies.