When Did Bush Know About Curveball?

Germany’s former foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, accused the ex-head of the CIA of being a liar. George Tenet had claimed a few days ago that he discovered, “too damn late,” that Curveball(Iraqi defector who claimed there were WMD) might be a “fabricator.” Fischer said German intelligence, the BND, consistently told the CIA that Curveball was not a watertight source. “Our position was always (Curveball) might be right, he might not be right. He could be a liar but he could be telling the truth.” In such cases, the BND insisted that at least three reliable sources were necessary before reaching a conclusion. Fischer said he was concerned when the CIA wanted access to Curveball the man would be used to justify a decision for war. The CIA was told the man was a deserter “and we had not verified or substantiated” his claims.

Isn’t it about time George Bush admits he never had any solid evidence from anyone that proved Saddam had WMD? Isn’t it about time George Bush apologized to those who lost sons, fathers, brothers and relatives in the search for the always elusive WMD?