When Did Reeva Eat?

It is still uncertain in my mind if anyone still has any interest in the ongoing saga of Oscar Pistorious and his shooting of Reeva Steenkamp. The only thing we do know for certain, the only thing both defense and prosecutor agree upon is that Reeva IS dead. OK, they both agree that Oscar did shoot someone which most probably was Reeva. The case is now stalled over the issue as to when did Reeva last eat food before she died. The prosecutor insists the presence of good in her stomach means she had eaten about two hours prior to death. The defense had Christina Lundgren, an expert on food in stomachs testify and she insists one can still have food in the stomach several hours after eating. She cited several examples. So, is Oscar right they ate at 7:00 p.m. and shortly after went to bed or is the prosecution right in arguing they ate and shortly after he killed her?

Oh, social worker Yvette van Schulkwyk saw Oscar after the shooting and says he was “a heart broken man” who rambled on and on about his future plans for Reeva. I assume these great debates will go on and on and on.