When In Doubt, Play Race Card!

Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, has a penchant for arousing controversy, but this time Lee Jasper, his adviser on race relations, became the focus of inquiry. Japsper was forced to resign pending investigation of allegations he channelled lage amounts of money to a woman whose organization was receiving large amounts of money from the government of London. Intimate emails from Mr. Jasper to the woman were published. Naturally, Mr. Jasper whipped out the race card in order to denigrate any charges against him by the media. “The racist nature of a relentless media campaign,” he charged, “and the consequent effects on me and my family have placed an intolerable stain on all of us.” he told Livingstone in a resignation letter.

The Evening Standard, and its reporter, Andrew Gilligan, insist they were pursuing a story that indicated large sums were being poured into organizations whose contributions to the city of London were unclear. This reporter lacks knowledge as to the authenticity of the Evening Standard allegations but respones which depend on the race card of denial raise new issues. Mr. Jasper can simply present his side of the story without claiming it was all about race. We suspect it was all about money.