When In Doubt-Shout–SECURITY!!

Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States of America is allegedly the  chief legal authority of this nation and protector of our freedoms. Since the “war on terror”began about twelve years ago, the erosion of our liberties has accelerated. Government agents can check the books we read in order to determine if we read materials that can lead to terrorist activities. Holder claims a story run by AP was the result of “a very, very serious leak” and it justified “very aggressive action.” The decision to seize AP files was allegedly connected to a criminal investigation. Holder insists the story “put the American people at risk and that is not hyperbole.”

A basic problem with such claims is that anything and everything can place the American people at risk. In the real world, we are at risk driving our car to work. We are at risk going on the subway where someone can molest our body. It is time to accept the reality that risk goes with the modern world.

I am glad to know that our president remains a strong believer in the first amendment and will protect freedom of the press.–As long as the press does not intrude into our rights. Then again, a free press MUST intrude into our lives in order to deal with violation by government of our rights.