When In Dubai, Give A Hug, Not A Kiss On Cheek?

It was a luncheon meeting between two friends, one a female and the other a male. They met in the restaurant, exchanged a kiss on the cheek, sat down and ordered their meal. But, to a Muslim mother sitting at another table with her young daughter, the incident was shocking and threatened the very existence of her girl. Imagine witnessing two adults exchange a kiss on their cheeks! I assume neither the mother or daughter will ever venture into nations like France where hugging and a peck on the cheek are normal activities. The authorities in Dubai were furious at this outrageous behavior and sentenced the two Britons to a month in jail and then deportation. According to Khalaf al-Hosani, one of the culprits, “it was just a normal greeting.”

There are times when religion becomes a weapon in the war against human individualism. If Muslims are really offended by such behavior why do millions migrate to nations where a kiss on the cheek is normal? Do ambassadors from Muslim nations give hugs to visitors? do they sometimes give a kiss on the cheek?

As far as we know, the skies over Dubai are still up in the air and have not touched ground.