When In Need Of An Enemy, Find Jews!

There is no doubt President Bashar al-Assad has spent many hours these past few months seeking a way to get out of turmoil in his nation without himself having  to depart. Islamists hate him, secular folk dislike him, the Turks, the Egyptians and most Arab nations want him to depart, so what to do?? How about turning back a few pages of history and blame it on the Jews? New reports indicate that Syrian artillery is firing at Jewish areas in the Golan Heights.

Israel has already made clear they will fire shells when shells hit their facilities. Now, if Bashar can only get Israel to bomb, to fire away, to send tanks into Syria, the Great Leader can appear on TV in order to urge all Syrians to end the current conflict and unite against the Jews. This tactic has proved beneficial in the past so why not today?

When in doubt,  BLAME IT ON THE JEWS! A two thousand year record of success!