When In Saudi Arabia-Just Shut Up About Work Issues!

Saudi Arabia imports workers from throughout the world to handle the tasks of everyday living and those dirty jobs that Saudi citizens avoid. A group of 23 Chinese immigrants decided to go on strike over low wages, an act that is normal in most societies which respect human rights. But, in Saudi Arabia to dare challenging those who wield power is akin to being a revolutionary. The men were working at an industrial site when they told the boss of their desire for higher pay. Within a few hours, some strange men arrived, arrested the Chinese workers, and took them away to a place where they could not initially contact family members.

Little did the Chinese workers know that going on strike is an illegal act in the nation of Saudi Arabia. The Chinese embassy attempted to intercede, but the men were already being prepared for a voyage back to China. To live in Saudi Arabia is to be entrapped in a religious dominated society in which those possessing power do not relax any, particularly when issues of individual rights are concerned.