When In Wisconsin Beware Superglue Police!

Donessa Davis was a man who enjoyed perusing the Internet in search of women who would fall for his smooth talk and were even willing to turn over to lover-man money for love. He was married, but when it came to love, Mr. Davis regarded himself as superman. He arranged for a rendevous with Ms. Therese Ziemann who had been making out with him to the tune of forking over about $3,000, but this time she had a new approach to their love-making.

Ms. Ziemann securely tied him up so he could enjoy a session of bondage, but once he could not move into the room burst his wife and two other women entered prepared to transform his bondage into a event that he will never forget. They superglued his penis to his stomach, but when he began to scream they grabbed his wallet, his phone and his car and departed into the night.

The women now face charges of oppressing this poor man who oppressed his wife and several other women. The bad news is his penis was superglued to his stomach, the good news is he still has a penis. The unknown news is whether any other woman will fall prey to his sexual prowess.

  • Chris Gothard

    This is a very sexist item. Had the victim been a woman no doubt there would have been huge outrage at the violence of these criminals.

    Women have used sex to get money and status since the dawn of time, the crime here was act of violence toward the man, not his debious morals.

    This is not funny, and the longer people continue to think that this sort of activity is amusing or in someway the victim deserved it, the less likely it will be that both genders will be able to win real justice against violence.