When Is A Hit Man Being Hit On?

Kerry Anderson thought it was just another simple murder he was to carry out, but little did he realize the “murder” might have been a murder or it could have been part of a play. He arrived at the location where he was to learn about the potential hit only to find the door opened by man wearing a diaper. Mr. Anderson thought he had been summoned to carry out the murder of Mrs. Pertraitis by her husband, Alex, but as events unrolled it is unclear if Alexis Petraitis wanted to have a hit man hit his wife or whether he wanted the hit man to pretend being one and play along in a charade about a murder. Alexis Petraitis was at the residence of Sandra Pinella, a dominatrix who claims she was simply ordering around her “slave” to play the role of a man who was hiring a hit man to kill his wife.

I inhabit planet Earth and thus am never surprised to learn how wealthy people get their kicks. I am just one of those ordinary folk who minds his own business and stays clear of the nut cases of the world. For some reason, it appears those with greater wealth are more inclined to play games of power and dress up in their diaper. Funny, few poor people I know are into diapers at age 50.