When Is A Jew Not A Jew?

The people of Israel are doing their best to compel Jews in other parts of the world to say, “good riddance” to you bigots and fools. Hillary Rubin who comes from Holocaust survivors and has a great-great-uncle who was prominent in the early Zionist movement was informed she could only prove her Jewishness by providing birth certificates from his maternal ancestors that go back four generations. She came to live and marry in Israel in order to fulfill her dream of being in a Zionist society, but the petty minded irrational rabbis who now control Israel will not allow a Jew to be a Jew unless they decide she is a Jew. “I’m the great-great niece of a prominent Zionist” and she wants to be part of Israel. Her fiance who is from South Africa and she will fly to Cyprus to have a civil marriage which are banned in Israel.

Ms.Rubin tried contacting the office of the rabbinate in order to explain why it is impossible for children of Holocaust survivors to produce needed paper work that was destroyed by the Nazis. She was informed, “we are only marrying people according to the law of Moses and Israel.” I have a hunch thousands of Jews who arrived in Israel in the aftermath of the Holocaust did not have the necessary paperwork that would satisfy the rabbinate.

P.S. My ancestors died in the Holocaust and areas where they lived had every synagogue destroyed. I guess that means I can not prove that I am a Jew according to the laws of Israel. Frankly, I have a hunch since Moses left in a hurry, they did not carry the needed papers with them across the Sinai desert