When Is A Jew Not A Jew–Israel?

I was born in 1930 at a time when Nazi Germany was passing laws that declared German Jews could not be German citizens because they were Jewish. I was raised in an era in which Protestant groups had unofficial rules which prevented Jews from securing certain jobs or living in specific areas of a town. I was living at a time when hate mongers like Father Coughlin shouted to America that Jews were not really Americans because they owed their allegiance to international Jewish groups. I was raised to fight all forms of bigotry in order to create a world in which one’s religion was never a factor in determining the rights of citizenship. Fast forward to modern Israel and the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu supports a law which would require all new citizens of Israel to swear an oath saying, “Israel is the Jewish people’s homeland.” Of course, twenty percent of people living in Israel are Muslim or Christian and most were born in what we now term ‘Israel” while supporters of the law like Avigdor Lieberman were born in Russia.\1

Knesset member Chaim Oron put is clear by noting: “The act portrays an xenophobic, anxious anti-civilian Israel.” We might add, it portrays a “Jewish homeland” composed of people who call themselves, “Jews” while behaving like anti-semitics throughout history.