When Is A War A War?

There are unconfirmed reports that American planes are bombing areas in Libya, a nation that is on the northern part of the African continent. According to Obama press secretary, Jay Carney, it is not a war in the normal sense of the word, war, but “it is a time-limited, scope-limited military action.” In other words, we are not engaged in any form or shape of war, we are simply on a time schedule to do something like bomb a few people or tanks or something like that since our scope of fighting is “limited.” This does raise interesting questions as to whether when an army is involved in a “time-limited” action if it is allowed to kill anyone. Note, I am careful not to use the word, “enemy,” because since we are not at war with anyone, we can not have an enemy.

I was informed by a friend who is an economist that we could interpret the action in Libya as another form of economic stimulus to the American economy. Instead of fighting nations or armies, we now fight “something” that is not our enemy nor is it our friend, but we really have to destroy this menace. This means we will be using up bullets, bombs, gasoline, uniforms will get dirty, and some men will require medical care. This means our factories will have to produce these goods.

We recommend a time-limited war against the Pacific Ocean. We will confine ourselves to the Pacific Ocean. This will require dumping into the ocean millions of bullets and rifles and so on. Eventually, the fish will band together and seek peace. AND NOT A MEMBER OF THE US ARMED FORCES IS INJURED!!