When Is An Election Not An Election?

Once upon a time in a land faraway from the Western world there lived a group of men whom we will call, “the junta” who ruled over millions of people. They loved the people of Myanmar and did not wish them to encounter any difficulties in deciding who should rule their nation. After all, the kindly military junta which ruled the land and beat and oppressed its citizens only did such acts in order ti protect them from the evil of “making your own decisions.” A people who make decisions can make mistakes so the beloved military threw into jail any citizen who had the crazy idea of deciding what to do.

It came to pass that other nations in the world insisted the junta should hold elections. Well, living in the land was an evil princess by the name of Aung Sann Suu Kyi who sought to confuse the people of her land by urging they be allowed to vote in what was called, “an election.” What else could the kindly military junta do but decide who should run for public office. In this way, the beloved military junta ensured the people would not make a mistake by voting for the wrong candidate.

In the end, there would be an election and the right people will get elected.

And, everyone will live happily ever after, particularly the military junta in their wonderful mansions.