When Is Peace Not Peace?

Israel’s new Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to President Mahmoud Abbas concerning his desire for peace with Palestine and said he wanted to work closely with Arab leaders. However, this man who seeks “peace” refuses to accept the idea of a Palestine state nor will he even consider the idea that Israel settlers must leave the West Bank. But, Benjamin Netanyahu wants peace! Abbas had called to wish a happy Passover and the two men spoke for a few minutes in a friendly manner. However, the man of peace from Israel so far has only spoken of helping Palestinians to develop their economy but when the idea of a Palestinian state is raised, it is met with silence.

Most probably Netanyahu believes “peace” is when Palestinians accept his view they should not have a state but should depend on the good will of men of good will like Benjamin Netanyahu. Of course, the Israel leader’s appointment of Avigdor Lieberman who is a blatant racist to the position of Foreign Minister is undoubtedly his way of conveying a desire for peace.