When Is Peace Not Peaceful?

It is now over sixty years since the nation of Pakistan was formed when the British government approved a plan that divided India into two nations, one supposedly for Muslims, and the other for Hindus and Muslims. During this time, India has made major strides to become a modern society in which the government regards its role to enhance both economic prosperity and education. Pakistan remains a nation in which modern education is restricted to a small minority and government after government attempts to impose peace upon groups that really have no desire for peace, unless it is in accordance with their ideas. The Pakistan government, once again, is holding peace talks with the Pakistan Taliban. Both sides insist there “should be no activity by either side which can potentially harm peace efforts.”

However, two days ago the Tehseek-e-Taliban of Pakistan set off bombs in areas which contain numerous Shiite Muslims and declared they have no idea about any ceasefire that includes them. They want a nation governed by Sharia law, and their version may not be that of either Shiites or secular Muslims. Reality, is that the drift is towards a more theocratic Pakistan, regardless of who wins the battle –Taliban or Government.