When Thugs Run A Country Named Burma!

A group of thugs are in control of the nation of Burma although they have decided since they can do what they desire the country will be called, Myanmar. UN Envoy Topmas Ojea Quintana arrived in Burma expecting to be able to have talks with leaders of the democratic opposition, but Burmese generals wanted to make certain the world understood who ran this place and they imprisoned Gaw Thita, a monk, to seven years imprisonment at hard labor because he took a trip to Taiwan and in the process used Taiwanese money. Naturally, this translated into possession of foreign currency and, off to jail! Gaw was with a group of monks who were on a religious expedition, but the thugs in charge decided to send a message to the UN and the entire world about their brutality and authoritarian attitudes.

Qunitana said the Burmese government, sorry, the government of Myanmar, was holding at least 2,200 political prisoners. He added there was no indication “the government is willing to release all prisoners of conscience.” Even worse, “the government of Myanmar does not accept there are any prisoners of conscience in Myanmar.”

Let’s fact it. There are thousands of people in Myanmar who enjoy working at hard labor and not being paid because they love the generals who govern their nation.