When US Soldiers Depart, What Happens?

As the date draws closer for the departure of American soldiers in Iraq, there are many unresolved problems such as will Iraqi troops be sufficient to handle the ensuing issues of law and order. Mosul, the nation’s third largest city and still a strong supporter of al-Qaida is watching with anxiety what will occur once the last US troops are gone. “If you don’t have the Americans this is not going to be good,” said captain, Ahmed, “I cannot take care of it” and he refused to give his last name out of fear of retaliation. American military leaders fear the capacity of al-Qaida to renew violence once the Americans leave.

A problem still impacting Iraq is that al-Qaida still have some strongholds and most probably its soldiers are lying low waiting for the Iraq government to be in full charge. The unanswered question is whether President Obama will decide to maintain thousands more US troops even though they are expected to leave by the end of 2011. In a nutshell, when, if ever, will it be safe to just pack up and leave. Does anyone know?