When Will America Ever Learn?

For over a year American advisors have been assisting Yemen military on strategies for combating al-Qaeda militants in their nation The USA has also provided nearly $200 million in military aid and millions in humanitarian supplies. Yasserl al-Awadi, a senior official who is close to President Saleh, noted to the media: “The Americans are pushing hard and the government is resisting hard.” US military experts are training new Yemen troops and our presence increases daily. As of this date, there is scant evidence anything has improved and al-Qaeda has been increasing its presence in the capital where it recently nearly killed a British diplomat. The governor of a province in Yemen was attacked and dozens of police and soldiers killed as al-Qaeda becomes bolder in its efforts of disruption. There is growing opposition in the Yemen government for installation of the infamous drone program which has created so much controversy in Pakistan.

The bottom line is the United States can not get involved in Yemen’s wars because to do so would only result in more militants heading for that country in order to get a shot at killing Americans. Saudi Arabia should handle this situation which is on its border and the western world should remain in the western world. We do not need another Iraq!