When Will Israel Ever Learn?

President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority is the best friend that Israel can possess in the Middle East and he accepted an invitation from King Abdullah II of Jordan to hold peace negotiations with Israel officials. Even as these talks began, Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh was in Turkey being  hailed as an important leader by Turkish leaders. To make things even more complex, exiled Hamas leader Khaled Meshal has indicated a willingness to work with Abbas in the cause of peace.

The issues are rather simple:

1. Israel MUST halt further construction of settlements in the West Bank while discussions are being held.

2. Israel MUST halt further construction of  Jewish housing in Jerusalem while discussions are being held.

3. If Israel refuses to cooperate with Fatah and Meshal it faces the prospect of a new Intifada which will transform the Middle East into a center of death and anger.

4. Religious fanatics in Israel and Middle Eastern Arab nations refuse to talk and prefer standing on “principles.” Peace is the only principle of importance at this time in history and it requires compromise on the part of all involved in the process of peace.