When Will Israel Ever Learn?

The guns of November remain silent, for the moment, in Gaza and in Israel. Rockets fired from Gaza created fear and anxiety among Israelis who fired their own missiles into Gaza. After seventy five years of nonstop anger, hostility and bungled opportunities from both sides, it no longer is important who began the latest episode of violence. Central to concluding this decades long conflict is reaching a compromise agreement between Israel and Palestinians. What should be in this agreement:

1. Recognition there will be a state of Israel and a Palestinian State.

2. The West Bank will be evacuated of Jewish settlers but approximately 8% will remain under Jewish control-that should include about 90% of current Jewish settlers.

3. A joint Water organization will be formed to handle water issues.

4. Palestinians should be encouraged to seek employment within Israel.

5.  A portion of Jerusalem will become the capital of Palestine.

6. Approximately about 500,000 Palestinian  refugees will be allowed to return to the West Bank and be provided with housing by Israel over the course of three years. A Refugee Fund will be established to pay funds to Palestinians who fled Israel and Jews who fled Arab nations. This money will come from Israel as well as Arab nations.

7. Discussions will commence whose goal is creation of a Middle Eastern Economic Union.