When Will Israel Ever Learn?

US Secretary of State John Kerry has worked diligently to bring together Israel and Palestinian leaders after almost two years of silence. The Middle East is in turmoil, undoubtedly there are Israel leaders who believe chaos among Arabs works to their advantage. Such ideas lack a grasp of issues unwinding in the region. Peace is the BEST security for the people of Israel, not violence and hatred. Kerry persuaded Israel Prime Miinster Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Abbas to sit down and talk. So, what does the Israel government do? it conducts a raid which leads to the death of three Palestinians. It is quite clear the Israel government will argue its soldiers were attacked. Yes, they were. The real issue is whether this raid was absolutely necessary and could it have been delayed?

I do understand that Israel leaders will shout the magic word-terrorism. Just shout the word and whatever you do is automatically made legal. There is a time and place to hold back and avoid violence. Someone has to end the cycle of hate.

There is a report which argues the object of the search, Youssef Khatib was wanted for throwing stones at Israel soldiers. Definitely reason to break up peace discussions!