When Will Israel Ever Learn?

It is quite apparent that some time in the coming month, the UN will take up the application of the Palestinian Authority to be recognized as a legal government. An intelligent Israel government would rush to hold meetings with President Abbas in order to achieve a compromise settlement of Israel-Palestinian issues. So, what does the idiotic government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu propose: -outfit settlers with stun grenades and tear gas!! Yes, Mr. Netanyahu, this is definitely a way to achieve peace in our time.

The assumption of Israel’s military establishment is for demonstrations by Palestinians  demanding their right to a national home.(Sound familiar, Jews in Israel?). They assume there will be marches and demonstrations, and possibly violence. President Abbas has urged all who demonstrate to avoid use of violence.

Why, why, does the Israel government refuse to negotiate? Frankly, the argument they have tried in the past and failed does not fit contemporary situations. For the first time there IS a Palestinian government which wants to negotiate in a fair manner.

Stun grenades halt people for the moment. But, what happens to the future?