When Will Jews Ever Learn??

The fire of the Holocaust was sparked by those who live in fear of people who differ from them in religion or politics or skin color. Six million Jews died due to those who hate “those who are different.” One would assume the education of the Holocaust has taught Jews they must oppose right wing extremism and oppose all forms of bigotry. Alas, the lesson has not been learned in Israel. Israeli President Shimon Peres met with Jewish settler extremists who torched a mosque and defaced it with Hebrew graffiti. Peres urged settlers to behave like moral Jews.

Israel has always been proud of protecting all the Holy sites. Today, when the Muslim world is where it is, to give them justification  to attack Israel is a disaster, we are  a moral people; the Ten Commandments are my guide, in politics too.”  Naturally, leaders of the settlers blamed “a trend of incitement against the Jewish settlements in Samaria.” It is always ‘them” who are at fault, never, “us.” This is the battle cry of bigots.