When Will Obama Ever Learn?

I never thought the day would come when Republican Congressman John Boehner would be making more sense than Barack Obama, but, welcome to reality. Since day one of coming to office, Barack Obama has consistently failed to speak directly to the American people about his goals. His actions regarding Libya demonstrate confusion, lack of clarity, and lack of involvement of the Congress with his actions. To top off this failure of leadership was his decision, after sending American troops into action, to remain in Washington and send a signal that he is completely focused on their welfare. Instead, he went off on a trip to Latin America.

John Boehner blasted the president’s decison to intervene in Libya “without clearly defining to the American people, the Congress and our troops, what the mission in Libya is and what America’s role is in achieving that mission.” Didn’t Obama understand the importance of discussing his decision with Boehner, with Senator Reid and with Republican leaders such as Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana who has been so supportive of a bipartisan foreign policy?

Once again, the Obama arrogance emerges and once again, the right wing has a field day tearing him to pieces. There is one thing future historians will never say about Obama, he was a man of humility.