When Will Pakistan Get Serious About Terrorism?

The United States over the past several years has been engaged in wars against terrorist groups in Afghanistan while at the same time claiming that Pakistan is a friend and supporter. Of course, the Pakistan Intelligence service, the ISI, helped create the Taliban as well as other terrorist groups but American presidents continue insisting we have to work with those who create terrorism in order to destroy terrorism. The man accused of being the lone survivor of the terrorist attack in Mumbai which resulted in the death of dozens of people in India now admits he came from Pakistan. Pakistan denied for weeks there was any connection from its nation to these attacks and that Ajmal Kasab had nothing to do with its own Intelligence service.

The reality is that the Taliban would not exist but for the Pakistan ISI and the United States continues working with those who support the Taliban on the assumption that if you cooperate with the friends of the Taliban somehow it is beneficial. There is something wrong with this approach. Isn’t it time for Obama to come up with some new ideas regarding Pakistan and the Taliban?