Where Are Angry Arab Voices Opposing Ahmadinejad?

It is clear the people of Iran had their rights violated by the blatant stealing of the election by President Ahmadinejad, but the response in the Arab world has been remarkably silent. One can imagine if Israel denied its Arab citizens of their right to vote, the Arab world would explode in anger and demand UN sanctions. Each day hundreds of thousands of brave Iranians march through the streets of Tehran but has a single Arab leader sent a protest to Iranian leaders, has a single Arab nation witnessed thousands of its youth marching through their streets in solidarity with the brave youth of Iran?

It would be wonderful if students at leading universities in the Arab world as well as Muslim students in colleges throughout the world organized protests and let Iranian leaders know they have violated the basic values of the Koran and the Muslim religion by their actions in Iran.

By the way, where are Muslim clerics? Iranian young people are being beaten and killed? Do you have anything to say?

And, where are the British academics who were willing to organize a boycott of Israel universities and who deplored the Gaza invasion? Do you guys have any demonstrations on order concerning Iran?