Where Are Arab Protesters?

A Danish cartoonist prints a cartoon which has Muhammad in it, and throughout the world thousands of Muslims rush into the streets in order to protest this violation of their religion. Someone writes a book which clerics consider to be blasphemy and thousands demand retribution by killing the author. Someone cracks a joke which contains the name of Muhammad and thousands seek to kill the comedian. If you employ words or pictures which Muslims deem offensive the penalty is death.

In Syria, over five thousand Muslims have died at the hands of their fellow Muslim President  Bashar al-Assad and there is no evidence of Muslims throughout the world demanding action to prevent the death of those who adhre to their religion. In other words, crack a joke and you die. Kill thousands and silence reigns in the Arab world. Oh, the Arab League has protested, but where are the imams leading mobs demanding death of Assad?

I care about the people of Syria just as I care about the innocent people of Israel who oppose their authoritarian leaders. Those who care about Syrians dying demand that hundreds of imams should march into Syria and place their bodies on the line to protect fellow Muslims. Challenge Assad to kill Muslim clerics. It makes more sense than leading mobs to kill cartoonists who never killed a Muslim!