Where Are Muslim Leaders?

The situation in Nigeria continues to descend into chaos as the Boko Haram continues its murderous rampage against the innocent. The bewildering aspect of this fundamentalist group is that they oppose western education and oppose Christianity, but in pursuit of these aims continue to inflict pain and death upon fellow Muslims. Another Boko Haram raid on a small town Gamboura Ngala resulted in the mad men sweeping into town blasting away at men, women, and children, burning homes and shouting their hatred of anything western even as they slaughter fellow Muslims. It is estimated over 300 new victims to the crazy men of this group.

I have one question: Where are statements from Muslim religious leaders in Africa or the Middle East that condemn this slaughter of the innocent? Yes, Israel should be condemned for violating the rights of Muslims. But, Boko Haram is not interested in violating rights–IT KILLS MUSLIMS! I think most Muslims would prefer a violation of rights than death. When will Muslim leaders take leadership in protecting Muslims? How about a march by imams upon the Boko Haram camp? Protect the lives of innocent Muslim girls!