Where Are Oil Folk In Middle East?

President Obama has made clear to the American people that rebel forces in Syria lack weapons of mass destruction as well as even rifles and bullets. In a recent interview, Prince Turki bin Faisal of Saudi Arabia made clear that his government “wants the downfall of Assad” in Syria. He  noted that Assad’s military has “lethal arms, mainly aircraft and tanks and helicopters” while rebel forces lack the necessary equipment. He admits that if rebel forces are not provided “the necessary means” it will result in a long drawn out conflict. I assume this is the thinking of the United States government.

Question: Since Saudi Arabia has billions of dollars in its treasury, then why doesn’t the Saudi government spend money on helicopters and tanks and machine guns, etc..? Why isn’t Saudi Arabia arming the rebels, heck President Putin supplies Assad and his murderers! There is no need for America to become the supplier unless we are supplying weapons paid for by the government of Saudi Arabia!