Where Are Republican Patriots??

Members of the Republican party are the first to jump to feet and applaud whenever a speaker uses the expression, armed forces. They are the first to claim love of God, love of nation, love of the American military forces. But, for some strange reason they are not to be found when it comes to actually serving in the armed forces. Dick Cheney asked for seven draft deferments during the Vietnma war because “I have more important things to do.” George Bush spent the Vietnam war having a grand old time in Georgia or Texas. Mitt Romney spent the Vietnam War convering people to the Mormon religion in France. And, we all know how Republicans smeared John Kerry–winner of Navy Cross–during the 2004 election.

Now, they Senator Cruz insulted Chuck Hagel claiming he received money from enemies of America-Hagel is a wounded Vietnam war hero. Finally, Democratic Congressman Jim Cooper wants to know why most Republican congressmen serving on House Armed Forces Committee failed to show up to hear military leaders discuss their financial needs.

Sorry, Jim, your Republican buddies were out giving speeches why Hagel was an enemy of America!!