Where Are The Imams?

Bombs rain down on the Libyan city of Misrata and dozens have been killed in recent attacks while hundreds are wounded. Hour after hour missiles hit homes, business establishments, hospitals and schools despite attacks by NATO airplanes on the troops of Muammar Gaddafi. He is having a ball racing through the streets of Tripoli while thousands of his own people are being murdered. Inhabitants of the city of Misrata gaze upward hoping that NATO planes will finally be able to halt the ferocious assault on their homes. France and England insist that Gaddafi must be removed from power, but it is clear solely relying on plane attacks might not be sufficient to remove him as head of Libya.

During the past months thousands have been demonstrating in the streets of Tunis or Cairo or in Yemen and Bahrain in an effort to remove from power a tyrant. Two weeks ago some imams aroused a mob in Afghanistan to attack a UN compound and kill a dozen people because some nut case in America burned a copy of the Koran. But, when thousands of fellow Muslims die in Libya, NO CROWDS are present, no imam is urging an end to the Gaddafi tyranny. In other words, publish a cartoon and streets are filled with angry young men vowing revenge for the atrocity, but kill a thousand Muslims and there is no sound of anger. Draw your own conclusions.