Where Are The Imams?

A few years ago a Danish cartoonist printed a strip which aroused the anger of Muslims throughout the world because they claimed it insulted the Prophet. During the past weeks, over a thousand people in Libya have died due to the murderous behavior of a thug named Muammar Gaddafi and there has yet to be a single demonstration of anger in any Muslim nation! Cartoons arouse anger, the bodies of a thousand innocent Muslims apparently do not resonate with Muslim religious leaders in this world. Fortunately, this failure of nerve is more than made up by thousands of wonderful young Muslims who march through the streets of their nation demanding democracy.

Gaddafi has summoned mercenaries from all over Africa to help in his fight against the people of Libya. Most of these men are not Muslim, but as far as Muammar is concerned, the issue is how to retain power–by any means. So far, cities like Benghazi has rid themselves of troops loyal to the boss man in Tripoli. Air force pilots have refused to fire on their fellow Libyans. Men, women and children display incredible bravery in their struggle for democracy.

My question is: Where are Muslim religious leaders?