Where Are Women Leaders? Not In EU Leadership!

Swedish political leader, Margot Wallstrom, noted that on the eve of International Women’s Day, not a single female has been mentioned as a candidate for top leadership roles in the new European Union government structure. “Not a single woman’s name has been mentioned. What we hear is that a discusion took place somewhere and it was only men’s names that were mentioned.” She said the recruiting process is boiling down to someone in the old boy’s netowrk will be selected as the new President of the European Union or its Foreign Minister. Wallstrom pointed out there was no shortage of capable women in Europe, mentioning the names of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Finnish President Tarja Halonen or Italy’s European Affairs Minister Emma Bonino.

Tony Blair’s name continues to crop up as a leading candidate as the new President of the EU. In light of the former British prime minister’s role in the Iraq fiasco certainly one of the well qualified females would be a more appropriate candidate for leadership. If the European Union is moving forward in new directions what better guide than one of the prominent leaders of nations within the EU?