Where Has Our World Gone?

John Lichfield, an  Englishman who has a weekend home in the small Normandy village of  Culy-le-Patry, wrote an article about why many people in this community voted for right wing conservative Marie le-Pen who preaches hatred towards immigrants. There is virtually no  crime in the village, just about everyone is white skinned and when they refer to “immigrants” it means those from England like  Lichfield. So, why the anger?

One villager told him, “people here feel that everything is  changing in ways they  can no longer control.” Anothe  person simply stated this feeling of voting for       right wing candidates reflects, “a mixture of  distress and nostalgia.” The old world has disappeared and a new one has emerged which  displays new values and new people. Local jobs are gone and farms are disappearing so what had existed for centuries is no longer present.

In America Mitt Romney and the Tea Party harp on  societal changes as ending  the world that was. Actually, they refer to a world that never was–the American government played a MAJOR role in economic development, there were always immigrants, and poverty  was always present. But, in their Normal  Rockwell  version peace, prosperity and  Christianity reigned.

The same issue confronts America. Can leaders like  Barack Obama explain the new world and needs of this new world?  That is the modern question?