Where Have All The Conspiracies Gone?

Perhaps, it is my imagination, but I don’t come across as many conspiracy theories these days. I suspect right wing media is becoming bored with Obama, the secret African agent who was sent by some tribal elders to take over America and funnel money to Africa–or something like that. Of course, Tea Party adherents are still tied up with the conspiracy organized in the sixties to select a baby born in Kenya, transport the kid to Hawaii and raise him all over the world in preparation for taking over America in 2008. When I read about these conspiracies, I come away impressed by the ingenuity of creative thinking of people who could plot getting their person elected to the presidency of the USA by following a plan for forty odd years. Heck, I can’t even plan something for a week ahead, let alone a day. I notice the Bush theory about his grandfather being a supporter of Nazi, Germany is not around as much these days. Of course, his grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush was a supporter of Wendell Wilkie and Tom Dewey, two of the leading Republican advocates of intervening to halt Adolf Hitler. I might mention that in Wilike’s acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nomination in 1940, he blasted anti-Semitism. But, what the heck, it is so nice believing a Bush in the past was a Bush who was a Nazi.

I await a new Reality TV show which asked contestants, not only to device a great conspiracy, but to carry it out. Of course, my conspiracy theory is that Osama bin Laden organized a secret group of agents who were to pose as Tea Party angry men and women who wanted to return America to the way it once was. Think about it: if Tea Party ideas became law, the US economy would plunge, unemployment would rise, and then some general on horseback would ride to the rescue with a dictatorship. The greatest conspiracy of all time stems from Republicans and Tea Party morons who want to destroy America.