Where Have Jews Gone?

Many people in Israel who consider themselves to be of the Jewish faith increasingly are moving to the right and  now hail the candidacy of one, Naftali Bennett. His Jewish Home Party has gathered support from those under age 40 who regard themselves as Jewish and want a party which will defend the rights of Israeli Jews. A significant portion of Israeli Jews believe Palestinians refuse to negotiate and there is no hope in having any further discussions with “those people.” Instead, Bennett offers non-stop hostility towards Palestinians, seizing their land in the name of being  a Jew, denying Palestinians equal rights and, in effect, treating Palestinians just as Jews were historically treated in Europe. After all, if THEY-Christians- could mistreat Jews isn’t it only fair to do the same to Muslims?

Bennett is expected to garner between 12-16 seats in the Knesset and will emerge just behind Labor-the only Jewish party in Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will wind up with about 32 seats and become head of the government. In effect, the American Tea Party mentality is alive and well in Israel.

It might assist Jews under the age of 40 in Israel to actually study the history of Jews.