Where Have You Gone Mrs. Assad?

Syrian First Lady Asma al-Assad spent most of her life in Great Britain and graduated from King’s College University with a degree in computer science. In other words, she lived most of her life in a democratic society which respected law and order. After marrying Bashar al-Assad in 2000 she first arrived in Syria from which her parents had left in order to pursue careers in the United Kingdom. So, how does this modern woman feel about murder of innocent people in her Syria?

Several people claim to have told her about the slaughters of innocent people in her  nation, but the only reaction elicited was a calm demeanor. She watches TV, she reads newspapers from around the world, but nothing shakes the non-committal face which is presented to the media. Obviously, if she did disagree with her husband, there is no way divergent views could be communicated to fellow Syrians. Mrs. Assad told the media that within her family, “we all vote on what we want, and where.”

How about extending the Family democracy to the Family of Syria?