I noticed there is an online discussion about Where is God in Japan? I assume the inference is since thousands of innocent humans died due to an earthquake and subsequent tusunami it means God has abandoned humanity. For some strange reason, if there is a calamity God is blamed for the calamity. If someone wins a lottery, the individual cites luck or their innate intelligence. I do not attend any church, mosque or synagogue since my interactions with the entity humans describe as “God” are strictly personal. The question certainly was posed during the Holocaust by millions. The assumption behind the question is that God’s duty is to prevent evil, and if brutality emerges anywhere in the world, it is His fault. In all honesty, I have thought about God when things go bad in my life, but, in the end, it is clear to me that my decisions are in one way or another the reason for my lack of money or lack of girl friends or lack of job or my inability to pay the mortgage. God has nothing to do with my calamity.

We humans kill one another by the millions, we allow a few wealthy people hoard our money and then most feel sorry if the poor, poor wealthy person is asked to share some of his money with fellow man. I would be more interested in the question of God’s relationship to the selfish, vicious group known as “the wealthy” who hoard money, who use their money to pay off legislatures and governments. Sorry, God is not the culprit for the Japanese calamity. Blame it on the people of Japan for mistakes.

God has enough problem wandering billions of planets to worry about an earthquake on one tiny little speck of dust in the universe.