Where Is Pakistan Headed?

It becomes increasingly clear the Pakistan government has yet to decide either internal or external policies related to terrorism. After reaching an agreement with the Taliban which allowed the Taliban to control the Swat Valley and impose Sharia law — which was not in accordance with Pakistan law– in return for laying down their arms, the terrorist group has gone on a rampage of more violence in Buner. There are reports that finally units of the Pakistan army have engaged in fighting Taliban forces in areas of the Swat Valley where local authority has been supplanted by terrorist groups. The situation in Buner remains critical since Taliban soldiers are taking over government institutions and imposing Sharia law even though that was not part of any agreement.

The Taliban are using what is termed, “salami tactics” to cut off one slice of Pakistan at a time while the government and army “discusses” what to do next. There is no need for any further discussion, send in the Pakistan army and wipe out the Taliban. President Zardari still doesn’t realize that now is the time to fight the Taliban, allow them to control more districts and the fight will be increasingly difficult.

It is amazing that a government allows an armed force to take over government facilities and impose its own law! What exactly is the purpose of the Pakistan government except to protect its citizens?