Where Is President Yanukovych?

in the midst of chaos and confusion, a new mystery has emerged concerning what has happened to President Yanukovych. He is no longer in Kiev, his office and administration building are now occupied by protesters who would dearly love to encounter the man who sold out his nation to the thugs who rule Russia. Over a hundred are dead, hundreds more wounded and an unknown have been kidnapped and tortured. The Parliament of Russia voted to remove President Yanukovych from office and he claims they have no right. To make his life even more miserable they freed from jail former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko who was sent to prison by the president in order to punish someone who dared to commit the crime of running against him in an election.

At this point, the best guess is that he is in some part of eastern Ukraine which contains many Russian speaking people who would love to once again become “Russians.” Tune in for the latest news.In the meantime, Parliament has made its Speaker, Oleksandr Tuirchyov, the new president and elections will be held very quickly. We assume the ex-president will not return to his wonderful home that reportedly cost a few million. Ah, another tyrant beats the dust.