Where Not To Travel-Warning!

We inhabit a world in which people hop on a plane and zoom thousands of miles in search of some exotic adventure in a land which is off the beaten track of tourists. Several thousand miles away from the North American continent lies a land by the name of Brunei. It is ruled, and when I say, “ruled,” I mean this guy is THE authority on what you say, how you dress and how you get punished for behavior he deems to be not liked. The Supreme Ruler, Sultan Hassanai Bulkiah issued the latest pronouncement as to how HIS subjects will conduct themselves. They WILL attend Friday evening mosque services, and they WILL pray, hard and loud to all to hear. If they wander the streets of HIS nation, they will wear the right form of clothes, hey you gals, make certain nothing of your body is showing to the world!

The Sultan is the first ruler in southeast Asia to introduce Sharia law in a nation that has a 70% Muslim majority. Have a romantic fling while married–then, how about a flogging at high noon? Steal a few coins, how about the loss of an arm? Get pregnant without being married, how about a few stones thrown in your direction until you cease to breathe. Oh, the good news is his head law man promises no one will be subject to these penalties unless there is evidence. Gee, that is sure reassuring!