Vladmir Putin, former KGB agent and now prime minister of Russia, attempts to come across as just another guy on your block. He appeared at a charity concert in December which also attracted people like Kevin Costner and Sharon Stone as part of an effort to raise money for sick children. Some of the kids have cancer. Seats at the charity concert sold for $35,000 so it was apparent a great deal of money was raised. Here is where the fun begins. The concert was organized by a group called, the Foundation. Kristina Sniker, a spokesperson for the group says it doesn’t even have a bank account and the concert was not really about raising money so much as about raising consciousness there were sick children. Naturally, the world did not know there were sick children and thanks to this concert, X number now do. But, where did the money go?

A mother of a girl sick with cancer asked a question: “I think I have a right to know how the raised money was used.” Some people just do not appreciate the efforts of Prime Minister Vladmir Putin who went overboard to help the kids. He played the piano, sang in English, “Blueberry Hill” and gave of his time. As for the money, it most probably went to a good cause like helping sick minded politicians win another election.

Flash! Just in. Spokesperson says the money will be used to purchase equipment. Little did I know it takes months to purchase equipment. I stand corrected.

Stupid Question: If there was no bank account, where is the money held?