Which Comes First– Justice Or Politics?

In the complex topsy turvy world of Iraq politics, it is sometimes difficult to know who belongs to which side or what the goal of political conflict is all about. Negotiations for the release of five British hostages are stalled over meeting demands of their captors who want several of their own people released in exchange for the five men. Khais al-Ghazali, a former spokesman for the powerful Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, is currently being held by Americans for his role in a lethal ambush which resulted in the death of five American soldiers. However, to add confusion to the matter, the Iraqi government wants him released because he is an important figure in securing a coherent political process in the country. Mohammed al-Saadi, of the National Reconciliation Committee, says “e is a very important figure in the political situation. He has a large influence, especially on Shia groups, If he renounces violence and joins us this will be a very big success.”

So, which way do the Americans and British turn? Do they keep a main who helped participate in actions that led to the deaths of five Americans? Do they release the man in order to free five British men and assist in the Iraq peace process? We eventually will find out the final conclusion of this confusing story.